4 Car Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Everyone gets that feeling of dread when they hear a rogue sound coming from their car, or they realise things just aren’t working as they should when hitting the road. Auto repairs can be costly, and when things go wrong, it can really hit the wallet hard.

But are car repairs common? Yes and no; some car repairs should be expected and are simply due to use, wear and tear and how you drive your car; other repairs are more uncommon and can be quite the cause for concern should you experience them. If you’re looking for a reliable vehicle that will serve you well, you need to look at cars from Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Honda and Mazda, but even these cars can experience issues. Check out the top auto repair you shouldn’t ignore for safer driving.

Windscreen Crack or Chips

Your windscreen is one of your main sources of protection and adds extra stability to the car frame when driving. If your windscreen has a crack or a chip, this integrity is compromised, and all it takes is running over one pothole or hitting the kerb, and you could be left with massive windscreen repairs. Plus, if you are involved in a road traffic collision and your windscreen is damaged in any way, there won’t be as much protection for you, and you might sustain more damage to yourself and the car. So, as soon as you notice any windscreen issues, talk to an auto glass replacement company to get this resolved ASAP.


Ignoring your engine overheating is a recipe for disaster and can be extremely dangerous. Overheating is when the parts of your engine get too hot and begin to fail. It is usually caused by a coolant leak, but it can also be caused by a faulty water pump, thermostat or broken cooling fans. Regardless of the issue, if you notice your engine temperature starting to rise, you need to stop driving, let the engine cool down, and then get it checked to find out the cause.


You might not think it’s a big deal, but if your car is swerving to the left or the right, you can always correct it when driving. While this is strictly true, you can correct it, but you shouldn’t be driving like this. Not only does this reduce your safety and control on the road as you are fighting your car to stay driving straight, but you are increasing uneven wear on your toes, meaning you run the risk of them becoming unsafe and bald faster than they should. The wear on the tires will be more apparent before the movement in steering, so check your tires properly regularly and get your alignment checked regularly.

Slow Start

If your car is taking longer to turn over or there is a brief pause before the engine starts than usual, then this can signal a dead battery or alternator issues. Either one won’t go away, and the problem will continue to get worse until one day you get in your car, and you cannot start it at all. If you notice any changes in how you start when you get in it, get a mechanic to check it over to ensure there are no significant issues you need to address.

Auto repairs come in many different shapes and sizes and can cost anything from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the cause. Ignoring these issues and many others can increase the risk of your vehicle becoming unsafe to drive and the repair becoming more complex and expensive to fix.