4 Car Parts You Can Definitely Buy Used

Credit: Wikimedia

When it comes to buying replacement car parts, you’ll probably hear two main opinions from car enthusiasts. Either buying used parts is automotive suicide, and will do more harm than good to your vehicle. Others will tell you that used is the only way to go, and by paying full-price you’re only screwing yourself over. The truth, as usual, is somewhere in the middle. Here are 4 car parts which you can definitely buy used.


Credit: Pixabay

First of all, rims. After using a set of rims long enough, you’re going to notice your rims’ finish peeling away, which can lead to the things leaking air. You’ll need to replace these or face even more expensive damages, and surprisingly the junkyard is a great place to find them. Go to any outlet selling used parts, and you’ll see a wide selection of good ol’ steel rims to choose from. Even if you’d prefer alloy rims, you can still find these pulled from scrapped cars, and going for a fraction of the usual markup.


Credit: Flickr

Used windows are another part which doesn’t sound like it would be much good, but can really surprise if you look hard enough. If you’re starting to notice an unsightly chip or crack, and you don’t want to put a massive dent in your bank account, then buying used windows could be a great idea. Obviously, you won’t have to worry much more about the damaged glass in your car, but you can also pick up motors for power windows and switches for a fraction of the price they’d usually go for.


Credit: Public Domain Pictures

Although they’re not the most popular option, used interior parts could also be a great way to save money on your car repairs. There’s a couple of major drawbacks here. First of all, if the interior of a car doesn’t have a consistent style, the clash can end up looking very ugly. If you need to fix up your main vehicle for your work and home life, then you’re probably better off going to a resale dealer like Karl’s Car Parts. However, if the vehicle in question is purely for off-roading or some other weekend application, then getting used seats, controls and other pieces could be a fantastic way to save money.

Finally, the alternator. Unless you’re a real gearhead, you probably don’t see the alternator of your car all that much. However, this doesn’t change the fact that the wiring in an alternator can weaken and crack as time goes on. If this is left for long enough, the damage will become so severe that your car won’t be able to generate the necessary power to charge the battery. Again, this doesn’t mean that you have to spend a small fortune! The main difference in rebuilt alternators is that the wire has been replaced, along with the voltage regulator if it’s needed. Obviously, the price is significantly reduced too.

Deciding whether or not to buy used parts can be tough, but these four will certainly serve their function and save you money.