3 Great Cars From The Used Lot

Just like always, the auto industry isn’t sitting still. There are always new cars being made, and older cars being sold. Perhaps you’ve been pushing your old banger for long enough, and you’ve finally convinced your spouse it’s time for a new car. If so, lucky you! You’ve probably got a long search ahead of you, but here are a few names to start you off. Here are some of the best used cars you can buy today.

Fiat Panda

First of all, the Fiat Panda. Like a lot of drivers, you may be surprised to see a Fiat city car appearing on this list. Even as I write, the whole thing looks bizarre! Despite the cute image given off by the badge, the Panda is a truly formidable machine. It feels great to drive whether you’re on a road or off it, and the interior comes packed with handy electronic features. This kind of functionality hasn’t shaved back on the comfort though. When you sit in a Panda, you feel like you can really stretch out. The interior is exceedingly spacious, and has 15 convenient cubbyholes scattered around it. If you want a great middle-ground between a family car and a rugged SUV, then this is it!

Audi A5

If a smooth driving experience is what you’re after, then go with an Audi A5. These things are so popular I bet you’ve seen a dozen of them only today! Anyone who’s driven a good German coupe before will know how fun it feels. The Audi A5 is a prime example of these if I ever saw one. Although the steering and acceleration isn’t quite as sensitive as its BMW counterpart, the A5 will blow most other luxury cars out of the water. The “quatro” four-wheel drive is a particularly nice touch. Believe me, you can feel the amount of grip it gives you! Another good thing about the A5 is its sheer popularity. There are so many on our roads that dealerships like Saxton 4×4 often offer fantastic deals on them.

Vauxhall Zafira

If you’ve got a large household, then the Vauxhall Zafira is the only thing to look for at your used car lot. Using one of these cars seems somehow surreal. From the outside, it looks like a slick, compact car perfect for navigating cities. When you’re sitting in it though, the space makes it feel more like a mini bus! This clever little runner has a third row of spacious seats, so everyone can get in comfortably. These extra seats fold down into the flat floor of the trunk, making it even more convenient. As a family car, the drive isn’t exactly fun, but there’s nothing especially bad about it either. Like the Audi A5, this model experienced huge popularity when it was first released. This means you’ll have no trouble finding it at a used dealership.

While the list could go on and on, any one of these cars will make a great choice as your next vehicle. Give your favourite a spin, I’m sure you’ll agree!