3 Driving Experiences Every Car Enthusiast Needs to Have

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Have you ever dreamed of driving a race car, drifting your car around a race track, or soaring through canyons in a luxury sports car? Driving is a fun and thrilling experience, and car enthusiasts should take advantage of the opportunity to experience some of the most sought-after driving experiences. These experiences should be on your bucket list if you’re a car enthusiast. 

Drifting around a race track in a race car

Drifting around a track in a race car is one of the most invigorating and exciting racing experiences out there. This car experience will get your blood pumping and leave you craving more. Drifting is a style of driving that uses controlled oversteering and is often found in circuit racing, such as in pro-am style competitions like the one at the Texas Motor Speedway. This car experience is the perfect opportunity to experience controlled drifting up close and personal. You’ll have the chance to take a passenger seat while an experienced pro driver guides you around the track. It’s the closest you can get to taking a pro-level racing course without actually being a pro driver yourself.

Going off-road in a UTV

The off-road experience is one that every car enthusiast should have. The extreme nature of these machines is what makes them so cool. And with the rise of the UTV — like the Honda Pioneer 1000 — the off-road experience has become even more exciting and accessible. While you can take a full-sized off-road vehicle out for a spin, nothing beats the feeling of taking a smaller UTV out for a rip. An off-road UTV experience is the closest you can get to driving a piece of machinery straight out of Mad Max. During an off-road driving experience, you’ll have the opportunity to take a UTV out on various off-road terrain, including high-speed dirt tracks, water crossings, and more. The best part is you’ll have a pro instructor with you to help guide you and make sure you have an incredible driving experience. Check out ExoRent’s website to find out more about UTV rentals.

Driving a classic car at an autocross event

Autocrossing is a track driving style where drivers navigate a comprehensive course marked by cones. The course is typically 1-2 miles long and consists of 90-degree turns, quick direction changes, and other challenging driving obstacles. Autocrossing is a fun and popular way to experience track driving with like-minded people. Autocross events are usually driven in classic cars with minimal modifications. This is the perfect opportunity to drive a classic car on a track. Autocrossing is a great way to experience track driving without the stiff competition, high cost, and potentially dangerous environment you’d find at a regular track event.


If your passion involves cars, wheels, and speed, then three experiences should be on your driving bucket list. So why not step out of your comfort zone and experience life from a different angle with these thrill-seeking yet exhilarating driving experiences?