3 Awesome Alternatives To A Sports Car On The Drive

There comes a point in every petrol head’s life when they want to buy that big ticket motor. You may have been continually trading up ever since you first passed your driving test. From the moment you got behind the wheel of a car, you may have been hooked by the handling, the horsepower and the torque you can feel as you enjoy the thrill of a ride. You may have begun your vehicle ownership with a little old banger that you still look back on fondly. This was the set of wheels that taught you how to drive safely, showed you where the oil dipstick was and how to check the air pressure in your tires. Fast forward a decade or more and you have a better job, you have money in your savings account, and you’re ready to treat yourself.

Many people assume that the dream car to have on the drive is a sporty little number. Your pals may swoon at the mere mention of a Ferrari, begin having heart palpitations at the thought of a Lamborghini and positively faint at the notion of a Maserati parked outside your house. However, the sports car isn’t the only set of wheels you might want to consider. There are plenty of amazing vehicles that offer achingly cool drives. Take a look at these three alternatives to sports cars.

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Fiat Eye

If you are after a vehicle that will turn heads, is totally unique and will be the only one on the roads within a couple of thousand mile radius, then the Fiat Eye could be just what you are looking for. The Dinard Da Mata designed vehicle is a one seater futuristic sci-fi style buggy. It only has one seat, has neon blue lighting trim around its chassis and is powered via electricity. The most incredible thing about this vehicle is that it is controlled by your voice. There are no pedals, the steering is highly conceptual, and the two wheels on which the cab sits is balanced like a gyroscope.

The Fiat Eye looks like something out of Blade Runner and will satisfy those individuals who would love something weird and wonderful taking up their drive. Safety wise, the car is small and hasn’t had the vigorous testing that most regular cars have to endure. Heading out on the highways could result in you calling upon the services of a truck accident lawyer, as this little go-kart of a motor will struggle to come away unscathed should a collision occur. If you have very deep pockets and want to experience driving of the future, opt for a conceptual car.

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Volkswagen Campervan

Vintage is seemingly the buzzword of the moment. Everyone fancies a vintage Scandinavian coffee table for their living room interior or a vintage fabric to adorn their sofa, or a vintage typewriter sat on their desk in an effort to shun the digital age. With vehicles, the concept is no different. Car enthusiasts are keen to break away from the concept cars of the future with their hybrid technology, driverless credentials and Wi-Fi capabilities. Instead, people want to hark back to a golden age when vehicles were rougher around the edges, had an iconic look and were challenging to drive.

The Volkswagen campervan was a 1960s stalwart of a mod era. Alongside Vespa scooters and Minis, the curvy chassis and elegant pastel hues of the paintwork evoke another, perhaps more simple age. If you have a campervan on your drive, you can enjoy heading off for weekends, going where the wind takes you and enjoying the great outdoors. Rather than towing a caravan, you can have your home away from home in the comfort of your own vehicle. If you can pick up a Westfalia model, made from around 1951, you’ll have the most iconic of campers with the two tone paint job and beautiful chrome trim on the chassis. Hugely fun to drive, this is a vehicle that increases in value the longer you have it, provided that you take good care of it.

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Who even said you needed to park a car on your drive? If you fancy a different thrill on the roads, why not consider purchasing two wheels instead of four? Take some lessons, pass your motorcycle test and enjoy mastering the handling of a Ducati, a Kawasaki or a Honda. The handling of a bike requires a higher level of concentration, the controls are vastly different from a car, and you will need to learn a new set of skills.

The joy of being out on the open road without a chassis for protection, closer to the open air and feeling the rawness of the speed you generate is highly addictive. While you might not want to forego a car entirely, having a motorbike will undoubtedly allow you to see the road from a different point of view.

Just because you have some readies waiting to be spent on a new vehicle, doesn’t mean you have to succumb to the stereotypical convertible. Think outside of the box, consider what you want to get out of your new motor and use these ideas to inspire your next vehicle purchase.