2 Ways To Advertise Your Company

You are in business, so you have a product or service to sell. You have come this far. Your next step is to advertise. There are some fun and creative ways to get the job done right for maximum exposure and benefit.

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Vehicle Wraps

For the ultimate way to begin your advertising efforts and continue passively showing your brand around town, look into Vehicle Wraps. They are a fun and highly moveable alternative to billboards. The wraps go where you go. Consider this scenario: if you own a grooming company, you might leisurely drive by and park in a few veterinarian’s office parking lots. It is free advertising. 

While that last example might be pushing the proverbial envelope, you can wrap one vehicle or a fleet to create an advertising blitz. As the CEO of a company, you want to show the world what you have worked so hard to create. Wrapping your company car is a great first step. If you have a fleet of work vehicles, wrapping them is almost a no-brainer for passive, effective, and moveable advertising. When your employees go to a delivery or service call, so does your moving billboard of sorts

A fun way to reward your employees for a job well done is to give them an incentive such as a “Company Car for a Month” award for top performers. Once you decide on your desired metrics, have one of your company cars wrapped and then dangle the motivational vehicle in front of the group. The top performer gets the reward of driving the company car to and from work (with any other parameters you choose). With this, you have an even better chance to advertise your business by literally driving into new territory.

Social Media/Giveaways/Drawings

You like getting free things, right? So does everyone else. Keep that in mind when considering how to advertise your brand. Make a giveaway or drawing campaign that spans all of your social media platforms.

If you are not on TikTok, make an official company account. Create a challenge that your followers can record themselves doing for one entry into the drawing. This promotional endeavor brings people directly to you. Additionally, it allows you to share what you can offer to them by way of your goods or services.

Here is a helpful tutorial to guide you in creating an online raffle.

Use your other social media platforms, such as Twitter, to tweet about the drawing and the different ways to enter. Perhaps your followers can ‘Like’ your posts on FaceBook for additional entries. 

The sky is the limit for how you can use social media to advertise your company. Engage with a variety of different platforms, such as Instagram, to maximize your exposure to different demographics and age groups.

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At the end of the day, you need to make sales to keep your company productive and in a good position for future growth. Advertising is essential to keeping your brand at the forefront of consumers’ minds. What better way to do that than with creative advertising such as vehicle wraps that go where you go? And if you drive an environmental vehicle, even better.