10 Things I Wished I Knew When I Was Learning To Drive

It was some time ago when I was first starting learning how to drive. Having been driving for some years now, I have quite a lot of road experience. The thing is, there are some facts that I wish I knew about all those years ago.

They are important facts that would have made me feel more confident about driving. And they are ones that would have made my early years of driving more safer too. Here are ten things I wished I knew (or got told about) back then:

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1. You can drive UNDER the speed limit

I would say this is a fact that all drivers must know about – not just learners! Yes, there is a posted speed limit on most roads. That sign isn’t telling you only to drive AT that speed. You can drive UNDER it as well!

2. Anyone can change a car tire

These days many people would get someone else to change a flat tire on their cars. I’ve changed some myself in the past but never any when I was a learner driver. I wish I got taught how to do that back then! It’s a useful skill to have.

3. You should keep an emergency kit in the trunk

Flat tires aren’t the only things that can happen while you drive. Instructors seldom tell you about the things you should keep in your car for emergencies. Stuff like bottles of water, blankets, flashlights, and so on.

4. You should call a lawyer if you have an auto accident

Unfortunately, I had an auto accident just one week after getting my driver’s license! What I was never told was to contact a lawyer like The Wilbers Law Firm. Lawyers are useful for getting any auto accident expenses paid. At the time, I had to bear all the costs myself. Even though the accident wasn’t my fault!


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5. Don’t listen to fast tempo music

It’s a proven fact that tunes with a fast beat are more likely to make you drive faster. If I knew that while I was learning to drive, I wouldn’t have had so many speeding tickets!

6. Don’t let your passengers distract you

It can sometimes be hard to focus on driving if your passengers are talking or shouting at you. I would have told my younger self just to avoid talking to passengers at all, if possible.

7. Don’t use a mobile phone while driving

I don’t need to explain why you should text or call while you’re in charge of a car. If only I knew how important it was not to do that back in my learner driver days!


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8. Make sure you know what fuel goes in your car

There used to be a time where most cars only used gas. Today, more vehicles on the road have diesel engines. Especially SUVs and trucks. Putting the wrong fuel in your car is both bad for your motor and your wallet!

9. Keep your car keys with you when you leave your car

I once naively left my keys in the ignition and walked away from the car. My friend told me some guy was eyeing up my car as he walked past so he took the keys and locked the car for me.

10. You don’t need a car for all journeys

Want to avoid being fat and lazy? Do more walking and cycling! You don’t need to get behind the wheel each time you have to go somewhere.