10 Exciting Things To Know About the New 2021 Ford Bronco

New 2021 Ford Bronco

Get ready to hit the trail with a brand-new 2021 Ford Bronco. After much anticipation, this addition to the Bronco family continues the legacy that started in 1966. Explore the top 10 things to be excited about and prepare by shopping for a Ford F250 tonneau cover, fender flare trim, and other great accessories. Even the latest off-road rides can use a few accessories to make them ready for the trail.

  1. Crossover Opportunities

While there’s a lot to love about the standard 2021 Bronco, it also comes in a Sport style. The Bronco Sport uses the same platform as the Escape, but adds some off-road features that are more familiar to the Bronco.

  1. Innovative Software

Enjoy your favorite music while blazing new trails. The fourth-generation Ford Sync gives you access to all the infotainment you could ever want with a convenient, 12-inch screen.

  1. Sasquatch Package

The name says it all. This package includes 17-inch wheels, 35-inch tires, fender flares and front and rear locking differentials. Go wild with this new package and see just what the 2021 Bronco is capable of.

  1. Off-Road Innovation

The technology side of things doesn’t stop at infotainment. Enjoy automatic switching from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive in the event of an unexpected rough spot. Improved water fording capabilities, ground clearance and seven traction modes allows you to keep up with the best off-road vehicles.

  1. Steel Wheel Options

Upgrade to all-purpose steel wheels that are capable of accepting small wheels and plenty of sidewall. These wheels are great for on- and off-road riding.

  1. Excellent Accessories

Your off-road rig is only as good as your accessories. The newest Bronco comes with plenty of factory accessories, and it’s easy to upgrade it with even more aftermarket add-ons. Shop around to find great deals on must-have gear to make your off-road adventure unforgettable.

  1. Seven-Speed Transmission Comes in Automatic or Manual

Fans of manual driving will love this feature. A seven-speed manual puts you fully in charge of your ride, wherever you go.

  1. Removable Roof and Doors

Your new Bronco may look surprisingly like a Jeep as you cruise without doors or a roof. These removable features make summertime driving cool and casual. Removable doors make it easy to replace a damaged door or to simply drive with more freedom, better vision and more cool air.

  1. Two-Door and Four-Door Alternatives

Looking for a more compact way to explore your favorite trail? A two-door variant gives you the compact frame you need to navigate winding trails and demanding paths. This compact design option used to be far more popular for off-roading, so it’s exciting to see Ford embrace classic, compact convenience.

  1. Classic Meets New

The dependable design and memorable look of a classic Bronco carries over to the 2021 model. However, this state-of-the-art vehicle fully embraces the latest in LED, safety and off-road tech. Learn more about the newest Bronco model and find out how to pick up replacement truck brakes and other must-have auto parts by visiting a reliable online store today. Take advantage of great deals on aftermarket gear to kit out your new Bronco exactly how you want.