The championship battle is coming down to the top two drivers in the outdoor season once again.  They have battled all year long, and heading into Bloomsburg it seemed there was a clear-cut winner.

Coming out of Bloomsburg, his lead shrank.

Dan Runte in the E3 Spark Plugs Bigfoot dominated the second jamboree event in Lima, Ohio, taking two of three races.  But in Bloomsburg, he only won the first race and only made one other final round appearance.

That left his big lead go down to just 80 points over second place, which I will get to here in a moment.

However, Runte has shown that the Indy Jamboree has been one of his best events of the entire year.  Last year, in the final appearance of the "Retrofoot" body, Runte shrugged off a wreck he had the day prior to take the final series victory, despite already having lost the championship.

Do not expect Runte to have a repeat this year.

With such a small points lead over the competition, Runte is coming prepared to Indy and is ready to go with every ounce he can in himself and his Ford-powered truck to take the first Special Events championship for Bigfoot since 1997.

It's fans are prepared to come to the show and say "Go Blue" and bring Runte to victory.