Despite the early threat of rain in the morning, fans still poured into the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds hoping to see some high-horsepower monster truck action.  Every driver was still trying to get a grip on the unique figure-8 track for this year.

By the time the 12:00 show rolled around, weather began clearing, but remained overcast for most of the show.  Yet, all 11 drivers were ready to go, and were all set to try and get the second win of the weekend.

Things started off rough for one team, as the General Tire entry of Joe Nichter didn't even complete the corner in his opening round.  Turns out, the blower belt on the engine snapped, and it was soon towed off the track.  Ultimately, the engine damage was bad enough that it set him out for the remainder of the evening.  At the same time, the dominant teams of Bigfoot and the Hall Brothers were working their way through the field.

Not to be outdone, Derick Anson in the Heavy Hitter began showing his strength, as he also made it to the semi-finals to face Dan Runte in Bigfoot, but would not make the final.  Yesterday's winner, Mark Hall, also advanced in the Raminator, defeating his teammate Mat Dishman in Rammunition.  At the conclusion of the race, Mat immediately headed to the pits, with what turned out to be a major failure.  His HEMI engine lost oil pressure, and meant the thrash was on to get things fixed for later in the night.

The finals were another classic between the two top drivers on the circuit, but it was Hall that managed to get the win after Runte couldn't make the final turn clean, making him 2 for 2 on the weekend.

In freestyle, it turned into being twice as nice as it was dueling trucks on the track.  The Halls had a strong run, while the Holman team of Bobby and son Cody ended short after the Lucas Oil Stabilizer blew a shock.  Runte and Friday night's freestyle winner, Dave Radzierez in XDP, had strong runs, but the highlight, or low light, came from the Heavy Hitter team.  The River Rat and Heavy Hitter were going strong, but Anson went one obstacle too many.

His final hit on the jammer stack caused him to land nose-heavy, snapping the front wheel off, breaking the axle, shock mounts, and the entire corner of the truck.  Not only was his run over, so was his weekend as the damage was more than could be fixed.



Round 1:  Rammunition def. River Rat, Heavy Hitter def. The General, Lucas Oil Stabilizer def. Chalkboard Chuck, Bigfoot def. Star Marshal, Hotsy def. XDP, Raminator BYE.

Round 2:  Rammunition def. Heavy Hitter, Bigfoot def. Lucas Oil Stabilizer, Raminator def. Hotsy.

Semi-Finals:  Bigfoot def. Rammunition, Raminator def. Heavy Hitter (FL).

Finals:  Raminator def. Bigfoot.


By the time the evening rolled around, it appeared only eight trucks would make the call...but during introductions, out rolled the Rammunition Dodge minus the bedsides.  Turned out in the loss to Bigfoot, the HEMI engine lost oil pressure and began leaking onto the track.  So, in a matter of hours, the entire Hall Bros. team got the engine replaced to race that night.

Unfortunately, it did not last as long as in the semi-finals Dishman would lose to Hall again, and would pull into the pits facing the stands, sensing something was either still wrong with the motor, or resting it for the next day.

Ironically, the same final in the afternoon would be the same final in the evening.  The biggest difference, Runte had lane choice, opting for the right lane and putting Hall in the left, a lane he did not run all night.  The race was closer than the earlier final, but despite the lane change, Hall still poured on the HEMI power, and put the hat trick in the books.  It's clear that Hall has the track figured out, and now is on a mission to sweep the weekend, possibly clinching the season title before the final event ever starts.



Round 1:  Raminator BYE, Bigfoot def. Chalkboard Chuck, Lucas Oil Stabilizer def. Hotsy, River Rat def. XDP, Rammunition def. Star Marshal.

Round 2:  Bigfoot def. Lucas Oil Stabilizer, Rammunition def. River Rat, Raminator def. Hotsy (FL).

Semi-Finals:  Bigfoot def. Lucas Oil Stabilizer (FL), Raminator def. Rammunition.

Finals:  Raminator def. Bigfoot.


The night ended with all the trucks going out for freestyle just for the fans.  There was no declared winner, but it appeared that Hall had the biggest cheer with his wheelstand on the front straightaway, but also Runte had many dirt-slinging slides along with his big leaps in Bigfoot #18.  Fireworks closed out the night with fans cheering every moment.

One final show remains this weekend.  Can anyone take down Mark Hall, who's a perfect 9-0 in round wins this weekend?

The final monster truck show will get started Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m.