At some point, streaks are meant to be broken.  The New England Patriots didn't get their perfect season when they lost Super Bowl XXIV, and Tony Stewart ended a streak of five Sprint Cup championships of Jimmie Johnson last season.

Now another streak, this one at the 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals, can be called over.

The Hall Brothers team of Mark Hall and Mat Dishman combined to win the first six events on the Lucas Oil Jamboree Series.  Coming into the third stop on tour, the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, they were the team with the bullseye on their back.  But hot on their heals were the Bigfoot team, as the defending champion Dan Runte was looking to make a statement at one of his favorite venues.

Normally, Bloomsburg is a horsepower track, and has been known for some intense straight-line, side by side action.  But, in honor of the 25th anniversary of the event, track official Lee Collins designed a unique course that can be termed "In and Out."

The trucks start out at the apex of turns 3 and 4 of the horse track, actually on the gravel, with the front tires facing toward the opposite side of the track.  At the start, they hit a small roller, then immediately take a short turn towards either straightaway, almost at a 45-degree angle, going over a tabletop at the same time.  The trucks will then make a complete u-turn and head back towards the in-field.

Finally, a sharp 45-degree turn has the trucks then facing back towards the opposite side of the in-field, as they hit a double jump followed by the finish line leap.  Horsepower wasn't key for this track, as this time it was driving skill and being cautious that would win this event.

Immediately there was breakage as on the first round of racing, Dave Radzierez had a hard hit on the double, destroying the rear steering on Star Marshal.  The next race saw Joe Nichter nearly put the General Tire machine on it's nose in a loss to Darron Schnell in Bigfoot Bessie.

As the rounds came to an end, Rammunition fell to Schnell in round two after a bad turn, and then Raminator lost to Runte in a close race in the semi-finals, ending the streak of Hall Brothers Racing at six straight jamboree wins.

The two Foots lined up for the finals, with Schnell in the right lane, and Runte in the left.  The two left together, with Runte getting the edge in the second cordfner.  In the last corner the two closed up and went for it all.

At the finish line, by about the length of the nose piece, Dan Runte put the E3 Spark Plugs Bigfoot 18 in victory lane for the first time on the Jamboree circuit.

To cap it off, both Schnell and Runte completed back-to-back awesome freestyles.

Saturday is the big day at Bloomsburg as three monster truck events will take place in the afternoon and evening.  The first event is at 12:30 p.m. with another racing program that evening at 6.  The final show of the night kicks off at 8 p.m. which will be all freestyle and fireworks, honoring 25 years of 4-Wheel Jamboree memories at Bloomsburg.

Two trucks in need of repairs by the first show are Star Marshal with the rear steering and also Clive Featherby's Outback Thunda, who appeared to have transmission or transfer case issues after his semi-final loss.

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ROUND 1:  Rammunition over Star Marshal; Bigfoot Bessie over General Tire; E3 Bigfoot over Chalkboard Chuck; Outback Thunda over Lucas Oil Stabilizer; Raminator over XDP

ROUND 2:  Bigfoot Bessie over Rammunition; E3 Bigfoot over Outback Thunda; Raminator BYE RUN (Lucas Oil Stabilizer unable to run as Fast Loser)

SEMI-FINALS:  Bigfoot Bessie over Outback Thunda (Fast Loser); E3 Bigfoot over Raminator

FINALS:  E3 Bigfoot over Bigfoot Bessie