The old cliche is that records are meant to be broken.  In sports, it can happen at any moment.  With the Olympics later this summer, it's likely a few records will fall.

But, a monster of a record appears to be on the mind of one monster truck team...the original monster truck team.

According to a picture posted to their Facebook fan page, Team Bigfoot looks as if they are teasing taking back a record they originally set years ago.  The picture, which is the tagged image in this article, is captioned "Records are meant to be broken...September 2012" and above the image is the team's #18 truck, sans body.

Almost immediately, the photo blew up with shares, likes and comments.  So what exactly is the team teasing?

It seems as though the Bigfoot team is looking to recapture the monster truck long-jump record that was held for nearly 12 years by Bigfoot's Dan Runte, who is the current driver of the #18 chassis.  Runte originally set the long-jump record back in September 1999 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Runte first set the long-jump record in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, at a distance of 144 feet in the same year.  Later that year, Runte jumped his truck over a grounded 727 jet, shattering his original record as his truck landed an incredible 202 feet from the top of the ramp.

That record was held for nearly 12 years, but on September 5, 2010, Joe Sylvester in his truck, Bad Habit, went after the record.  His test jump a week before sent the truck on a nose-dive, destroying the front suspension, tearing a wheel off, and destroying the Cadillac truck body.

On the day of the event, Joe made two jumps trying to set the record, with the first ending short.  The second jump, thanks to an adjustment on the ramp, sent his truck over 208 feet, setting the new record.

Unfortunately, questions about the jump came about as unlike Runte's original jump, Sylvester used both a launch ramp and a landing ramp.  Runte had some friends stand at the 202-feet mark and they were questioning the jump.  About a week after Sylvester's jump, Runte competed at the Indianapolis 4-Wheel Jamboree, stating "I'm glad someone went after it, but take it honestly."

The record seems to have eaten at the Bigfoot team, but they stated that until the representatives from the Guinness Book of World Records acknowledged the jump and presented Sylvester with the record, Bigfoot considered the record theirs.

In 2011, Guinness officially presented Sylvester with the record.

Now, with a new truck that is longer in wheelbase, lower in center of gravity, and complete with a radical new appearance, it appears as though Bigfoot and it's lead driver are going to attempt to take back the record that was theirs for over a decade.

The teaser photo is saying the possible attempt is in September, the same month as the final 4-Wheel Jamboree at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis, Indiana.  However, nothing has been confirmed such as location or date.

But, one photo has certainly gotten the monster truck fan base buzzing.

More updates on when the possible attempt will take place and where it will happen will be made on the Bigfoot website, their Facebook page, and at when available.



Team Bigfoot confirmed via their Twitter account (@Bigfoot_4x4) that Dan Runte will be going for the long jump record this fall.

Details are still being worked out as to where and when it will happen.



The date, the location and the expectations have been set.  Bigfoot 4x4 in a joint release with Family Events, the promotion company that holds the 4-Wheel Jamboree events, have announced that Dan Runte will attempt to break the monster truck long-jump record at the season-ending Indianapolis 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals.

The Indy Jamboree has always been the biggest event of the year, but now it looks as though this year is taken over the top with this record attempt.  This year's event occurs from September 14-16, with Runte's jump happening on the final day of the jamboree season.

The buzz in just one day of the news of the location has the monster truck community in a frenzy.

Stay tuned for further updates when the date of the attempt draws closer.