Two weeks ago, the new racing series for 2013 made a splash debut in Phoenix.  The build-up for Robby Gordon's new Stadium Super Trucks Series kept growing and growing until finally the day had come where University of Phoenix Stadium welcomed in a new dimension to off-road racing not seen in decades.

The schedule for the next event gave the series and it's drivers in the Super Trucks a unique experience, for many reasons.  One, instead of being the main attraction, they were part of a double-header event.  The trucks and series made a trip to Long Beach, California, to join the IndyCar Series.

But wait, IndyCar?

That leads to one other unique aspect to the second round of competition.  For the first, and only, time this season, the SST's would run the Grand Prix of Long Beach, hitting the pavement and instead of kicking up some dust, the trucks and drivers would burn some rubber and do some drifting.

It would just be the trucks in attendance for this event.  No buggies, no karts, no monster trucks.  For this event, the main class would go racing on the street.

The unique track, complete with metal ramps and tight corners, would prove to be a big test for all the teams.  Every truck for the most part was set up the same, wheel base, engine, etc.  But each team had to set up the suspension how they wanted, choose the tire they wanted, and adjust to the track.  With the paved track, a deep cut tire possibly could be a problem as not as much rubber would touch the ground.

But, when the trucks hit the track to run their event, it was clear that the trucks were right at home on the street course.

The qualifying order set the grid, but instead of having the fastest driver begin on pole, the field was reversed and that put the fastest drivers at the back of the pack.  However, just like any racing series, the best drivers and teams eventually work their way to the front.  Last week's winner, Rob MacCachren worked his way to the front, while former Supercross star Jeff Ward impressed as he worked up through the field.

Gordon also ran hard and made his way to the front and ran strong.  But in the end, the fastest man in qualifying worked his way to the front, and stayed there.

Former NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Justin Lofton that made the right moves up through the field, and would be the first to the finish, winning the second round of the SST Series for 2013.

Fans in attendance kept saying the trucks actually outdid the IndyCar Series as the crowd was really into it.  Two races in, and the SST Series seems to be taking off, and getting better.

This coming Saturday is round three on the season, as the SST Series will stay in California, but will enter a stadium that is more known to host USC Football, the Olympics, and on occasion the summer X Games.  Up next is the famed LA Coliseum.  The track crew has already begun bringing in the dirt, and setting up the track that not only will run the perimeter of the stadium, but will also go outside the stadium and re-enter through the famed pillars.

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