Two weeks ago, Robby Gordon and his Stadium Super Truck staff released the 2014 schedule of competition.  It would consist of a total of 15 rounds of action, one more than was run this year.  However, no locations were officially announced.

That is, until now, as the SST Series has officially landed one of the biggest stages it has ever competed on.

Today, the Stadium Super Trucks Series was selected to be part of the summer X Games in Austin, Texas, competing on the Circuit of the Americas on June 8, 2014.  The 600-horsepower, rear-wheel drive trucks combine a few events already part of the summer event, Global Rallycross and Enduro-X Motocross.  The addition of the SST Series is one that puts the series on a huge stage, with ESPN providing coverage and it's biggest audience both in-person and on television.

“We’re thrilled to have Robby Gordon’s Stadium Super Truck Series join the complement of sports at X Games Austin,” said Tim Reed, senior director of content strategy. “We look forward to working with the Stadium Super Truck team, and showcasing to ESPN X Games audiences around the world a very entertaining form of truck racing.”

Gordon, who is also the inaugural SST champion, echoed Reed in bringing the SST Series to the X Games.

"I'm stoked beyond belief and really feel like this is going to be a perfect fit, building on the X Games motorsports tradition with motocross events and the Global Rally Cross partnership," Gordon said. "We are probably the most extreme motorsport there is and we can't wait to prove it in Austin."

Unlike Rally Cross, the Stadium Super Trucks take the element of budget out of the equation for all involved, almost like an off-road IROC Series.

Each truck is identical, from wheelbase to horsepower.  Drivers won't even get to adjust on their trucks until the actual race weekend, and each driver is only allowed two crew members to tune the machines.  With each truck identical, and adjustments not happening till practically the day of the race, it makes driver skill the most important aspect of the event rather than having a big-team budget as in other forms of motorsports.

"What they're getting is a 3,000 pound bundle of total chaos," says Gordon, "The trucks are very fun to drive, with 600 horsepower in the engine, 49 degrees of steering angle so the amount of sideways action is incredible, 25 inches of rear wheel travel, and 19 inches of front wheel travel so there's a lot of play coming off the jumps."

This past season, each track that the SST Series visited was different, from tracks that were all dirt and clay, to Indy Car tracks that had the added element of metal ramps, to combination tracks that were part-asphalt, part-dirt and part-sand.  It allowed drivers to showcase how diverse they could be on different types of courses.

Gordon would hold on to win a tight point battle between he and off-road racing ace, Rob MacCachren.  Gordon would win three races on the year (Los Angeles, San Diego and Costa Mesa), while MacCachren would win a season-high four (Phoenix, San Diego, St. Louis and Crandon).  Both drivers had problems in the season-finale held at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, but Gordon recovered enough to win the championship by seven points.

"It came down to a gnarly battle at the final event," Gordon says. "Both of us had problems in the last race, but I crashed and kept going. We're both looking forward to the rematch in 2014," Gordon said.

More locations for the 2014 schedule will be announced during the off-season, but already Gordon is looking forward to creating a challenging course for the X Games, one that will challenge the most veteran driver and any newcomer that decides to run.

"We're working with the X Games promoters now to create a race course worthy of the event," Gordon said.

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