Photo credited to Four Wheeler Magazine

Off-road racing is one of the sports that at one time saw a lot of mass audiences attend big stadiums for big events.  But, as the years progressed, it became about the big desert races, such as the Baja 1000, or the CORR Series that runs 2WD, 4WD and buggy competitions.

Now, off-road racing and NASCAR driver Robby Gordon is hoping to revive what once was a big deal to off-road racing.

At the infamous L.A. Memorial Coliseum, Gordon announced that he will embark on a new series, titled the Stadium Super Truck Series, which will bring off-road racing to major venues such as the old days when famous off-road racer Mickey Thompson had in his era.

Gordon explained that there would be three different classes of races, and that already four events are set up for the inaugural 2013 season.

Each class was showcased at the Coliseum last night, beginning with the UTV class.  The smaller four-wheeled vehicles, such as the Yamaha RZR, would be the first class of competitors, wheeling the unique two-seat, four-wheel drive vehicles.

The second class, which will be a crowd favorite, will be the inclusion of monster trucks.  In attendance last night was Bob Chandler, the owner of Bigfoot 4x4, and his latest truck, Bigfoot 18, with Dan Runte at the wheel.  The trucks would compete in an elimination-style bracket race, and according to Gordon, will run the opposite direction of the other classes, allowing the trucks to still get air on jumps that fans enjoy seeing.

Gordon himself will be embarking on driving a monster truck himself as Bigfoot 4x4 is building their next truck, Bigfoot 19, which will be sponsored by Speed Energy.  That truck is set for completion by the end of June, debuting at Bigfoot's Open House event.

The third class will be the main event, it will be what off-road racing is known for, light-weight trucks.  But, what Gordon is planning to do is have spec trucks, each running the same chassis and motor.  This is similar to what the IROC Series, as drivers will actually draw numbers of the trucks they will drive, preventing them from driving the same truck twice.

There will be room to adjust and fine-tune the trucks.  The way it will work is drivers and teams will be able to adjust the springs, which are interchangeable, suspension, the driving seat so the wheelman is comfortable, and even tire pressure and manufacturer will be a team decision.

However, each truck and driver would only be allotted two mechanics.  Each truck in essence would be the same on the surface, but it would be up to the teams to change to the track conditions, and what they would prefer to add to the trucks.

One of the biggest deals for this series is the payout, especially for the truck class.  At each event, the winner will be receiving $40,000, with second and third place getting $15,000 and $5,000, respectively.  The end of season payout will be the biggest deal of all, as the prize was displayed in a BRINKS armored truck.

The season championship will be worth $500,000.

Already, sponsors are coming on board as Speed Energy, who has sponsored Gordon for the last few years in NASCAR, has signed on, plus Traxxas R/C has come on board, showing their support.  Gordon has stated that many other sponsors have signed with the new series.

Two events have been confirmed for L.A. Coliseum in the inaugural season, with another couple happening at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.  Gordon is also in the works for a television deal, planning to bring over three-hours of coverage from each event.

Other details are still being finalized, but check out for up-to-date information as it becomes available.