Photo Credit:  Jeff Luckey

The one thing that has not been seen for a few years in the 4-Wheel Jamboree circuit is the variety of winners that happen during a season.  The last two years one team, specifically one driver, have dominated the season, winning nearly 80 percent of the races.

But, each year presents a new challenge, and each race is a new opportunity for someone new to take the victory, and stand above the rest.

Last night at the opening race for the jamboree tour in Lima, Ohio, a new winner was crowned for the first time on the tour, as Larry Swim would put the Lucas Oil Bigfoot atop the bracket on a sloppy, muddy, and difficult course.  Saturday's weather did not have as much rain, but the overcast skies were still lingering.  The entire field of trucks from one night ago would return for action, and it was not just for one show.  As is common for the jamborees each year, the Saturday showcase has two monster truck shows.

To start off the afternoon, the track still had a lot of grip with moisture still in the dirt, meaning the trucks that opted for deeper cut tires would have a bit of an advantage.

The Hall Brothers team knew the kind of conditions Lima was known for, as each truck went with a deep cut, sharp point tire on all corners.  The driver that seemed to figure out the best grip and the best line on the clockwise-turn course was Mat Dishman, who has found the handle on his brand-new Rammunition machine after an entire season of indoor action.  Dishman was a wheelman all afternoon, and put the red, silver and camo-colored Ram 1500 in victory for the first time in over a year on the 4-Wheel Jamboree circuit.

For freestyle in the afternoon, the jamboree officials decided to go twice as nice, as it was dueling runs on the track, meaning fans would have to elect two winners at the end of their performances.

What they decided on was a title sponsor and a new machine.  Steve Koehler, behind the wheel of the General Tire Chevrolet, showed that his brother taught him very well, as he was one of the winners selected.  Alongside him, it was the Hall Brothers newest look, Mopar Muscle, taking the victory with Mike Miller at the wheel.

As the day wore on, the conditions of the infield improved and grip as well got better.  The sun even broke out and brought a lot of brightness to the day, which improved everyone's moodBut, what seemed to remain the same was the will to win with one driver.

Dishman had not seen a multi-win season since the 2012 campaign when he would sweep the first three events of the year.  After that, it was lead driver Mark Hall that was holding strong for the team.  But, not this year.  With his and Hall's trucks mirror images of one another, each driver had to figure out a way to make their own truck a bit different, and make it better than the rest.

On this afternoon, Dishman was able to not only figure it out once, but do so twice.  He would power the Rammunition to yet another victory as part of the Saturday evening festivities.

Freestyle that night would again be single-truck runs, as was common on Friday night.  But, what was also common was who won that portion of the competition.  Well, at least in last name.

The lone team running Chevrolets on this year's jamboree is Team Scream, as Steve Koehler already had a win on the day in the afternoon.  But at night, it was his world champion brother that would take back some of the thunder, as Jim Koehler put the 1957 Chevy Bel-Air Avenger through it's paces like only he could, especially since the truck has gone under some improvements since the World Finals in March.  It seems to have worked, as the freestyle competition through three shows has seen four different winners, with each being strong trucks.

One final show remains for the weekend for the monsters, and even though all the drivers want that final race win on the weekend, many fans are anticipating the stunt that is the headline for the weekend.

"Diesel Dave" Radzierez is ready to take his XDP diesel monster and attempt to become the first driver to take a diesel-powered monster truck and complete the backflip.  The ramp is ready, the truck is ready, and the driver is fearless.  It will be one major feat if he can pull off the attempt his first weekend out.

The final monster truck event for the weekend is at 3:30 p.m.  Follow the jamboree on Facebook with up-to-date happenings and some teasers of the entire weekend, plus results from the weekend.