Even though the first quarter of Monster Jam action has concluded, the action still continues as the spring and summer season heats up along with the temperatures.

Monster Jam continues it's tour of events over the next few months at outdoor race tracks and fairgrounds, but that isn't what drivers and fans see on a normal weekend.  From January to March it's venues that are normally reserved for football and baseball that see the action.  But during the summer months, those venues don't often see that kind of action.

Knowing this, a few years ago Feld Motorsports decided to change that, and brought on a unique summer tour for it's teams, bringing in the best drivers and trucks to compete.  Turns out, it was a major hit, and going on it's fourth consecutive year, the Path of Destruction Tour is set to hit two familiar venues in successive weeks.

The 2013 edition of the P.O.D. Tour will make it's first stop on June 8 at the home of the new Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens, M&T Bank Stadium.  One week later, trying to follow up a successful debut a year earlier, the P.O.D. Tour returns to MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

This year's tour brings the best and most popular trucks and drivers to both events, a total of 16, and it is guaranteed that every one of them will be trying to win every trophy available.

Some are staples at these events, some are debuting, and there's even one making a return after an unexpected year off.  Take a look at the 16 trucks that will make up the 2013 edition of the Path of Destruction tour:



After finally getting what seemed to be a huge gorilla off his back in Las Vegas, Adam Anderson will bring his blue and silver Ford Panel Van to the P.O.D. Tour for the first time as the defending racing champion.

He already has a big victory on the tour, winning the racing title in New Jersey last June, so he still has a lot of momentum from one year ago.  The second generation of the Anderson family certainly will have his work cut out for him, but it seems like this young man is ready to go after another big trophy.

MAX-D:  Tom Meents

The winter tour may be over, but the Decade of Destruction continues on, and now with yet another championship under his belt it will continue even bigger.

Meents is back behind the wheel of Max-D not only as the new defending world freestyle champion, but also as the man who landed the first double backflip in Monster Jam history.  He tried that one year ago in New Jersey, nearly landing the move.

After finally landing the stunt, there is no telling what Meents will do, but it is guaranteed to include Maximum Destruction.

GRAVE DIGGER:  Dennis Anderson

The winningest driver over the last two Path of Destruction tours has been the most popular driver on the circuit, the "Icon."

Last year, Anderson won a Double Down in Baltimore, and followed that up with a racing win at Philadelphia.  After being shut out this year in Vegas, including some issues with the kill switch that put him out of racing, along with other trucks.

The time has come for the originator of the Digger phenomenon to get back into victory lane.

ADVANCE AUTO PARTS GRINDER:  John Seasock/Lupe Soza/Frank Krmel

​There is no Monster Jam without Advance Auto Parts, and there's no P.O.D. Tour that is complete without the "People's Truck."

Last year, Seasock would compete in two events, winning in his home state of Pennsylvania.  Soza competed part of the event in New Jersey, but truck issues had Seasock come out for freestyle.

It's unclear as to who will drive this year, but the Grinder will surely turn on many of the "everyday heroes" in attendance.

MONSTER ENERGY:  Damon Bradshaw

Just over a year ago, the former world freestyle champion debuted a new truck, and shortly before last year's World Finals debuted a new chassis. To say the two meshed in the soan of 15 months is an understatement.

With many stadium wins this year, Bradshaw earned the opportunity to get back to the P.O.D. Tour, and will represent the energy drink extremely well, with a strong possibility of victory at both events.


One of the fastest drivers in Vegas, only to have his remote kill switch malfunction, is ready to take the P.O.D. Tour by storm this season.

Weenk celebrated a birthday on Monday, and as a late gift he got the invite to go racing in Baltimore and East Rutherford.

No question, this driver and team can win both racing events, and also be a strong contender in freestyle.

SON-UVA DIGGER:  Ryan Anderson

After having to spend a year on the sidelines due to a neck injury suffered in Las Vegas, making his return to the P.O.D. Tour will be the third Anderson in the mix.

If there is anyone that can not only win at each event, but has the chance to sweep all the hardware, it's the youngest competing Anderson.

His fan following has only grown since his return last fall, and after having to miss the tour a year ago, this young man feels he has a debt owed to the crowd.  Don't be surprised if he does cash in.

MONSTER MUTT DALMATIAN:  Candice Jolly/Taryn Laskey

Once again a puppy will be on display at this year's P.O.D. Tour, but unlike a year ago this year's pup will be white and black instead of brown and tan.

The dalmatian will represent Team Mutt this season, with either Jolly or Laskey behind the wheel.  Both will bring the "Dalmatian Nation" in force, and will enjoy seeing the east coast fans.

EL TORO LOCO:  Marc McDonald

The truck may have changed from orange to black, but the man that will be at the wheel will be the same one that has represented the crazy bull extremely well for the last four years.

McDonald got a new look for this year's version of El Toro Loco, going with a dark stance, while teammate Becky McDonough got the bright yellow.  But make no mistake, when the bull comes out with the snout pointed down, snorting smoke out the nostrils, it's game on.

Maybe in the end, there will be a siesta to celebrate victory.

MADUSA:  Debra Miceli

​Her magesty has arrived once again for the summer tour.  After being deemed the "Queen of Carnage" a couple years ago, and having gone to a bright pink look, one of the already popular drivers suddenly had a renewed following.

Madusa knows her pink warriors will be out in force, and will be on her side whether she is in victory lane or destroying her truck on accident, like one year ago in Philadelphia.

One thing is for sure, no matter what, she will stay "Always True" to her fans.

IRON MAN:  Lee O'Donnell/Morgan Kane

Let the Black Sabboth music hit the air waves because the lone superhero truck that will be competing at this year's P.O.D. Tour will have to represent the entire Marvel Comics brand.

Either O'Donnell or Kane will have to make sure the hero brand is represented, since neither Wolverine, Spiderman nor Captain America will be in attendance.  As long as the armor holds up, the red and gold hero will certainly have a great time in front of the sold out crowds.

MOHAWK WARRIOR:  George Balhan

This year, the driver with the wildest hair has a new ride.  No, Balhan didn't suddenly have a new look for his truck, but rather now has a new chassis underneath his black and purple Cadillac.

The new truck has a lower center of gravity, making it great for racing, but is rather tough to complete something that Balhan enjoy the most, slap wheelies.

Still, you can bet the Mohawk Nation will have their hair standing at attention when this truck is on the track.


No matter what event fans attend, one of the most popular items at any souvenir stand is the Hot Wheels toys.  Once again, the truck representing the toy company will be in action.

Buetow took over the driving duties of the Firestorm machine this season, and has represented well, including a backflip at this year's World Finals.

He certainly has a lot to live up to, as former driver Dan Evans represented the team really well a year ago.

ZOMBIE:  Sean Duhon

Last year, fans got to make a choice as to what new truck they wanted to see on tour.  What they selected was a truck that rose from the dead, with a creepy skull, torn clothing, crazy hair, and blood running onto the tires.

Add in the fact it's driver took the character to heart, painting his face and bring the dead to life, and it made a perfect addition to the tour.  Now, the P.O.D. Tour will get a taste of the undead.

Duhon brings out the Zombie to this year's events, and with him will come a following that will make Thriller seem like a bad movie.

EL DIABLO:  JP Ruggiero

​One other contest held during the 2012 off-season was fans to vote on a new hispanic-themed truck, where the truck would have a Spanish name and also a bilingual driver.

What fans elected was the Spanish term of "The Devil" and it simply fit.  Add in a classic 1940's style Ford body and it set the truck apart from the rest.

Ruggiero is ready for some east coast action, and hoping his "muy grande" in front of his "personas".

SCOOBY DOO:  Nicole Johnson

The final truck that will also make it's P.O.D. Tour debut is yet another dog, but instead of being a cute truck with black spots, this one needs a mystery machine to get around.

Ruh Roh...where are you?

Scooby Doo is ready to bring its tail wagging, tongue hanging, face out to compete, and Johnson has enjoyed her time behind the wheel of this new truck.  As popular as the cartoon was, it's no surprise the truck has been a hit.

That surely won't change with this east coast tour.


Tickets for both Baltimore and East Rutherford are available at Ticketmaster, both online and at participating locations, along with Pit Party Passes.  For all the information on the Path of Destruction Tour, including prices, times, and special deals, visit MonsterJam.com.