There is one draw back to motorsports in general, and that's the amount of time on the road.  NASCAR travels on a weekly basis from late February to late November.  Others have a shorter schedule, but it still means time away from home and living out of a motorcoach or semi.

Fans pay a lot of money to go to see their heroes compete, sometimes only going one weekend out of the year, while the crews, drivers and sometimes owners are on the road on averae four days of the week.  There's little interaction with the fans, at least when the teams are "on the clock" and fan interaction is such a big part of motorsports.

What if a team actually wants it's fans to visit them, at their headquarters, and make it a free experience?

Team Bigfoot is making that a reality for the sixth straight year.

Since 2008, the "Original Monster Truck" team has been holding a special Open House event at their home headquarters in Hazelwood, Missouri.  It has turned into a major attraction for Bigfoot and monster truck fans in general.  Such an event is not new to Bigfoot, but it is one that took a hiatus for many years.

In 1984, Bigfoot 4x4 held it's first "Open House" when it's shop in Hazelwood first opened, and on that day it was the first time the public got a glimpse of Bigfoot #4, which has since become one of the most intrumental monster trucks in history.

When the Open House returned in 2008, the Bigfoot fans and 4x4 fans in general got a unique opportunity to instead visit the team at it's home, rather than the team come to them.

This year is looking to be another major celebration for the Bigfoot team, and it's not just going to be about monster trucks.  The Land of the Giants Truck Club will be bringing some of their custom 4x4 machines to display at the event as well as the Bommarito Automotive Group having a new car showcase in the lot of the team facility.

But for the monster truck fans, it's all about the Bigfoot truck, and there is going to be a mass of trucks on display and in action.

Two separate car crushes will take place at 12 Noon and 3 p.m.  For those wanting to get an autograph, there will be sessions after each car crush.  The gift shop will also be open with unique merchandise available to purchase as well as a look inside the actual shop where the trucks are serviced and built.

Each hour there will be door prizes up for grabs, and there will be no need to go hungry as Monte's Barbeque will be providing the food.

As for the Team Bigfoot trucks at the event, it's almost a full-field event.  The original truck, Bigfoot #1, and the infamous Bigfoot #5, carrying the 10-foot tall tires, are always a big attraction, and will be displayed as always for the Open House.

The original tube-frame truck, Bigfoot #8, will also be in attendance, carrying the new "Firestone Destination Summer" paint scheme.  The team's other display truck, Bigfoot #12, will also be in attendance, likely carrying the Summit Racing colors.

As for the race trucks, it will be both old and new being shown off.  The first Bigfoot truck with a rear-engine setup, Bigfoot #10, will carry the Odyssey Batteries colors, and also at the event is the radical, all-new Bigfoot #18, complete with a new E3 Spark Plugs paint scheme.

But, this is also a weekend for a debut.  According to the Bigfoot website, it is the debut of the new Bigfoot #19, which is the truck that is a partnership between Bigfoot, NASCAR driver Robby Gordon, and Speed Energy.  The chassis is something Bigfoot has never used before, a CRD laser-cut setup, and Gordon will be the one behind the wheel of the all-new beast.

As to which truck is going to be participating in the car crush, that is unknown at the moment.  But, for anyone wanting to visit an infamous location in the monster truck industry, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

The 2012 edition of the Bigfoot Open House will be on Saturday, June 30, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.  It's a completely free event, so bring your camera for images of one of the most anticipated Bigfoot events of the year.

For more information on the Open House, visit and also check out both their Facebook and Twitter pages for exclusive photos leading up to the event.