There are two guarantees when it comes to the final day of the Bloomsburg Jamboree.  The first is that all the participants are eager to see if the truck they entered will win an award.  The other guarantee is when it comes to the monster truck competition, the final day means letting it all hang out.

The final day of the 2012 A&A Auto Stores 4-Wheel Jamboree had a great audience waiting for the action.  Sadly three trucks were going to be on the sidelines on this day.

Dave Radzierez would sit out the final day of his home-state show as both the Star Marshal and XDP Diesel suffered rear-end damage the night before, and both were to the point of needing extensive repairs, and neither would be able to make the call.  At the same time, Fancy Nancy had to sit out the final day as motor issues from the night before continued, and that meant a total of eight trucks would compete on the unique course under surprisingly sunny skies.

The first round once again saw the usual suspects go onto victory, as both trucks from the Hall Brothers and Team Bigfoot were victorious.  However, not all four would go to the semi-finals.

Darron Schnell pulled the Bigfoot Bessie machine to the pits after discovering a leak in the rear end.  It was bad enough where he couldn't return, so the fastest loser from the first round was brought back, and that was Clive Featherby in Outback Thunda, missing some body panels after two rolls the night before.

The first race between Mat Dishman and Dan Runte came down to the final straightaway, and Dishman powered the Rammunition to victory.  But the second race was the one that had everyone on their feet.

Featherby tried everything to run down Hall, but could not do so as the Raminator cruised to victory.  However, the Outback Thunda suddenly had a bad bounce over the double, and came crossways over the finish line, and made a spectacular tumble, standing on the nose then the tail, flattening a tire before slowly coming back to earth.  Amazingly, Featherby got out of the truck, waved to the crowd, and watched the horse get towed back to the gravel, and the team quickly got to work trying to get the truck fixed enough to come back and freestyle.

Meanwhile, the Ram Truck sponsored rides went to the line, as no matter how the weekend ended, the Hall Brothers would win.  This time, just like the day before, it was Hall putting his Ram Heavy Duty into victory lane.  The teammates then came to the frontstretch, thanking the fans, and soaking in the glory.



ROUND 1:  E3 Bigfoot defeats General Tire; Rammunition defeats Outback Thunda; Bigfoot Bessie defeats Chalkboard Chuck; Raminator defeats Stabilizer

SEMI-FINALS:  Rammunition defeats E3 Bigfoot; Raminator defeats Outback Thunda (FL, Bigfoot Bessie damaged, could not return)

FINALS:  Raminator defeats Rammunition

The eight competitors would then come back out and put on a freestyle for the fans.  Track crews added some new obstacles for the final day, including two pyramid stacks on the front stretch and in turn 1, along with a new wheelie ramp in one of the mud drag courses.

Off all the competitors, the highlights were the Hall Brothers pulling spectacular wheelies the length of the infield, then cutting into some dust-slinging donuts.  Not to be outdone, and wanting to uphold the name, Runte brought out the new Bigfoot 18 and after some near misses, finally stood the radical truck on the wheelie bar.

Featherby closed the show out by bringing on yet another strong performance, but ended early after his engine backfired, causing a cylinder to blow.

An incredible weekend by all the competitors and the fans came to a close, just as it did the previous 24 years, with many smiles and all looking forward to next year.

The final 4-Wheel Jamboree of the season happens from Sept. 14-16, and is the biggest event Special Events puts on every year.  The Indiana State Fairgrounds once again welcomes the top competitors in the summer race series, but this time will have one major added attraction.

Runte is bringing his truck to the show, but is going after something that means more to him than a win.  Runte is going to make his attempt to reset the monster truck long-jump record that he held from 1999 until 2010 (officially given to Joe Sylvester in 2011).

On the last day of the event, given the conditions and weather are good enough, he will go after it.

For more information on the Indy Jamboree, along with Runte's attempt at the record, visit and


Special Thanks to the Following People and Partners:

Michael Hirshbein of Fan Vs. Fan, for the opportunity to be credentialed for an event I've been to for most of my life.

Jessica Hubley of Family Events, for being the one accepting the credential request and giving me a different aspect to the jamboree that I've not had in many years past.  I hope next year, I can get even more access, and build towards something greater.

Dave Radzierez, driver of the Star Marshal and XDP Diesel, for the kind words on my writing, as well as the interview he was gracious enough to do on Saturday prior to his unfortunate events with both trucks.

Mark Hall, driver of Raminator, for spending the time to talk to me both as a fan and as a writer, as well as taking the time for an interview prior to his third win of the weekend.

Team Bigfoot 4x4, for both introducing me to the new members of the crew as well as the comments on the artwork, and the well wishes in hopes of me making the Indy Jamboree to see the jump.