The biggest event that Family Events puts on every year had never seen such anticipation, such hype and such drama entering the final day and final event in any year past.  So many stories around the General Tire Monster Truck Thunder Drags title hunt built up to the final race of the season.

It was only appropriate that the two drivers that battled all weekend in each final round would do so once again on Sunday.

Mark Hall in the Raminator had nothing to lose entering the day, as he officially clinched the 2012 Thunder Drags championship last night by his final round appearance.  All that mattered to him was to get a victory in the final event of the season.

On the opposite side of the track, the driver that was trying to sweep an entire weekend of action at the jamboree, Darron Schnell in the Vi-Cor Bigfoot "Bessie."  In each of the first three events, Hall and Schnell faced off in the final round, with the sophomore phenom winning each time.  One last final round would determine the last victorious driver on this season.

After missing out on three straight wins, Hall finally managed to put the cow out to pasture, earning the final victory on the season in the 4-Wheel Jamboree Series, his seventh win on the year, and putting the icing on what has been a dominating season for Hall Brothers Racing.

Teammate Mat Dishman took the first three events of the year, sweeping Springfield and also winning the opening round at Lima.  Hall then finished the Lima weekend out with three wins, and then took 3 of 4 at Bloomsburg.  It's only appropriate that the champion of the season wins the last race, capping off an incredible year for the Ram Trucks team.

But, the main event of the weekend was finally here.  Team Bigfoot dominated the racing events, but it's lead driver finally got his moment in the sun.

Following a parade to the infield, Dan Runte climbed aboard the radical Bigfoot #18, strapped on the helmet, pulled the belts tight, and set out to take back the world record long-jump.

The team then pulled three of the team trucks alongside the launch site, as Bigfoot 15, 11, 12, 14 and 1 showcased the distance that Runte was hoping to make.  Then, the engine fired up on the truck, building power.  Finally, Runte laid on the accelerator and went for everything his truck had to offer.

Full-power to the ramp, the truck hit perfectly square and landed in the middle of where the fifth truck sat behind the landing area.  As Runte pulled the truck back in front of the crowd, measurements were already in progress to see if he made the distance.

When the measurement came back, excitement emerged.  Runte launched Bigfoot #18 an unbelievable 214.8 feet, breaking the record set in 2010 by Joe Sylvester in Bad Habit by over six feet.

The Guinness World Record now belongs to Runte once again, and Team Bigfoot had all the reason to celebrate at the end of the night.

An incredible 4-Wheel Jamboree season has come to a conclusion with a familiar champion back on his perch, and Team Bigfoot reclaiming a record that stood for over a decade.  It only makes the anticipation for the next season of competition increase.  But for now, Hall can cherish his championship, and Runte can embrace his record, both with smiles on their faces.