This weekend marks the midway point of the 2013 Monster Jam indoor season, and already it's been one that has been marked with major victories, eye-popping moments, and controversy among drivers.

It also marked the latest that the first batch of drivers have been announced for the biggest event of the season, the Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas.

With an expanded field of 28 drivers and trucks, it has already been made clear that one of those spots will go to the winner of the Young Guns Shootout the night before, during the Double Down night.  But, as expected, many familiar names are listed as part of the list that will make up the star-studded field in Sin City.

Here is a look at the 14 drivers who have been given the honor of coming back to Las Vegas to compete for the two biggest titles in the industry:

  1. Tom Meents:  Max-D (Two-Time reigning World Racing champion, Ten-Time World champion)
  2. Cam McQueen:  Northern Nightmare (Reigning World Freestyle champion)
  3. Dennis Anderson:  Grave Digger (Four-Time World champion)
  4. Driver(s) TBD:  Advance Auto Parts Grinder (Team has two former world champion drivers in John Seasock and Lupe Soza)
  5. Charlie Pauken:  Monster Mutt (2010 World Freestyle champion)
  6. Marc McDonald:  El Toro Loco BLACK
  7. Jim Koehler:  Avenger (Two-Time World Freestyle champion)
  8. Linsey Weenk:  Lucas Oil Crusader
  9. Chad Fortune:  Captain America
  10. Debra Miceli:  Madusa (Two-Time World champion)
  11. Damon Bradshaw:  Monster Energy (2009 World Freestyle champion)
  12. Adam Anderson:  Grave Digger The Legend (2008 World Freestyle champion)
  13. Alex Blackwell:  Captain's Curse
  14. Jimmy Creten:  Bounty Hunter (2005 World Freestyle champion)

With half the field given their official invite to Las Vegas, there are 13 slots remaining for the field, and at the moment one former world champion has yet to be named to the field, as in Pablo Huffaker, who won the world freestyle championship in 2007.  However, there is still time for these spots to get filled by some top drivers, and it is expected that some sure-fire invites will be on the horizon.

Expect World Finals veterans like George Balhan, Candice Jolly, and Chris Bergeron to possibly get their official ticket to the big show.  Plus, drivers like Ryan Anderson, who has been on a tear this year following neck surgery, are a near-guarantee to be in the field.

Still, over a month before the show in Las Vegas remains, so many drivers and crews still have a chance to put their mark on the World Finals, and earn a gracious spot in the field.

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