There are wins, and then there's wins at Indianapolis.  Back in 1994, a fresh-faced Jeff Gordon, who grew up in the Indy area, took home the first trophy, and becoming the first hometown boy to savor such a win.

It's been 20 years since that moment, and it's still remembered by all.

There's just something about being an Indiana-native and winning at the most historic track in the country that is so popular among everyone.  Not just the team and owners, but every crew member on pit road or in the garage.

In a way, once again, that has happened this season.

Ryan Newman is the newest generation of those Indiana natives to finally realize that dream.  He was the last car out in qualifying, and took away the pole from another driver who has dominated this race in recent years.  It was then strategy that got him in the right position.

In the end, it was the driver that would make the drive to the front, take the checkered flag, and realize that dreams can be reality.

Newman is the newest face to take the victory at the Brickyard, but it did not mean a victory for any writers.  However, every writer this week did accomplish a feat, with each finishing in the top-10, including seven in the top-five.  It's quite an accomplishment this late in the season.

Here's how everyone shakes out after Sunday's Crown Royal Presents the Samuel Deeds 400:


Rob Tiongson (703) Jeff Gordon finished 7th (1)

Patti Rodisch (690) Jimmie Johnson finished 2nd (0)

Kelly Crandall (663) Jimmie Johnson finished 2nd (1)

Sal Sigala Jr(656) Jimmie Johnson finished 2nd (1)

Billy Fellin (644) Jimmie Johnson finished 2nd (1)

Michael Hirshbein (637) Kyle Busch finished 10th (2)

Rob Blount (621) Jimmie Johnson finished 2nd (1)

Dustin Parks (601) Jeff Gordon finished 7th (0)

Kara Martin (567) Tony Stewart finished 4th (0)

Ryan O'Hara (565) Jeff Gordon finished 7th (0)

James Broomhead (556) Juan Montoya finished 9th (1)

Misan Akuya (530) Tony Stewart finished 4th (1)

Christopher Leone (420) NO PICK SENT (0)


Next Race:  Even though the honor and the prestige of Indy will linger on, business is just getting started on the run to the Chase.  Ironically, the next race has part of an inspiration from Indianapolis.  Well, at least one corner of it.

Up next on the schedule is another return voyage, one to a track that has three completely unique straightaways, and three vastly different corners.

If that equals a triangle, then the next race must be at Pocono, another fast, big, and sweeping track.

Writers, no tricks this time.  Have your picks submitted by August 2 at 10 p.m. for the 400.