It is hard to win any NASCAR Sprint Cup race, let alone win the same one multiple times in a row.  The last time the Daytona 500 was won by the same driver back-to-back was 1994-1995.  The last time the sport's longest race, the Coca-Cola 600, was won back-to-back was Jimmie Johnson, who pulled off a three-peat from 2003-2005.

But to say one driver won the same race four straight times is saying something.  Saturday night, under overcast skies, one driver did it.

Not all the credit can go to the driver, as it was the pit crew that got the job done.  The final caution meant new tires for a short run, and a perfect pit stop was needed.  For a track that's nicknamed "Racing Perfection," anything less means failure.

It was that kind of perfection that got Kyle Busch to the front, as then-leader Tony Stewart had a miscue on his stop, and gave the No. 18 team the advantage.

That was all it took to give "Wild Thing" the lead, and the victory.  It was the first win for Busch in 20 races, which for him is an eternity.  The last win for Busch came in the summer event at Michigan last year, and since that point he went dormant.  Sure, he won the Budweiser Shootout this year, but when the points were on the line, things just didn't go his way.

Not this time, as it was a candy-coated celebration, giving M&M's their first win of the season, and the first for the new character, Ms. Brown.

It also meant that half the writers in this year's pool walked away with a victory, with five gaining their first win of the year and another picking up a second.  All but two writers finished in the top-10, which has shaken up the standings yet again, and has a new writer atop the standings.

Take a look at how things changed following the Capital City 400:


James Broomhead (330) Kyle Busch WON (1)

Billy Fellin (324) Denny Hamlin finished 4th (2)

Rob Tiongson (323) Kyle Busch WON (3)

Sal Sigala Jr. (320) Kyle Busch WON (1)

Misan Akuya (318) Jeff Gordon finished 23rd (1)

Kara Martin (315) Kyle Busch WON (1)

Christopher Leone (312) Clint Bowyer finished 7th (0)

Kelly Crandall (294) Denny Hamlin finished 4th (1)

Dustin Parks (272) Kyle Busch WON (1)

Patti Rodisch (267) Jeff Gordon finished 23rd (0)

Michael Hirshbein (263) Kyle Busch WON (1)

Ryan O'Hara (262) Denny Hamlin finished 4th (0)


Next Race:  Things were in control all race long for the drivers and teams.  That takes a dramatic turn next week.  It becomes a game of trusting your surroundings, making the right decisions, and having a little, or a lot, of luck on one's side.

The spoilers become shorter, the radiators become smaller, and the horsepower becomes restricted.  It's a trip south once again, but this time it's not just a trip to a race track, it's a trip to an experience all its own.

Every commercial for the speedway says it, and it's right on for this track...this is Talladega.

Writers, it doesn't matter how you make your choices this week, because at some point you'll be in front, and at other points you'll be near the back.  Don't lose the draft, but make sure your picks for the Aaron's 499 are sent in by Thursday, May 3, at 10 p.m. ET.