There are milestone that often seemed to be unreachable years ago, but when it comes to one organization, every milestone put in front of them seemed to be knocked down one by one.

Hendrick Motorsports is the crown jewel of NASCAR...the IT team of the sport.  In the 90s, they were simply dominant in terms of victories and titles.  Their time in the spotlight highlighted by multiple wins by Jeff Gordon, including a record-tying 13 victories in 1998.  Four owners championships between 1995 and 1999 etched Hendrick's name in the record books.

The new millenium ushered in another title by his top driver, but it also saw the rising of a then-young star into NASCAR's newest dominator.  Five straight championships, a feat not seen before in any sport, have highlighted Jimmie Johnson's career.

Now, he can put his name in the books as the man to reach the bicentennial mark for Rick Hendrick.

A win at the historic Darlington Raceway gave the winningest car owner in NASCAR his 200th win as an owner.  It was a wait that seemed to be never ending, one that was close on occasion, yet so far away in the end.  No longer; Johnson put his No. 48 in victory lane the same way he did many times before, and this time did it in honor of his owner.

It's appropriate as it was Jeff Gordon who got Hendrick his 100th win as an owner at Michigan years ago, but it has been Johnson to get wins 125, 150, 175 and 200.  The torch has been passed to NASCAR's phenom.

His win also gave one writer another victory on the year, and has extended his points lead.  Others took a tumble thanks to some bad luck and rough calls.  Here's a look at the shake down following the Bojangles' Southern 500:


James Broomhead (414) Jimmie Johnson WON (2)

Billy Fellin (403) Denny Hamlin finished 2nd (2)

Sal Sigala Jr. (397) Kyle Busch finished 4th (1)

Christopher Leone (391) Kyle Busch finished 4th (0)

Misan Akuya (384) Greg Biffle finished 12th (1)

Kelly Crandall (373) Kyle Busch finished 4th (1)

Rob Tiongson (368) Jeff Gordon finished 35th (3)

Kara Martin (360) Jeff Gordon finished 35th (1)

Dustin Parks (351) Denny Hamlin finished 2nd (1)

Michael Hirshbein (347) Kyle Busch finished 4th (1)

Patti Rodisch (325) Carl Edwards finished 7th (0)

Ryan O'Hara (282) Jeff Gordon finished 35th (0)


Next Race:  NASCAR is heading home for two weeks, but the points racing will not occur for another two weeks.  It has become a weekend to honor the people that make the biggest sacrifice to their families to allow the rest of the country to enjoy a race.

The Coca-Cola 600 is the longest, most agonizing, and most stressful race on the schedule.  A beginning in daylight, fading to dusk and ending under the lights means multiple changes, multiple strategies, and multiple points for trouble.

Writers, you get a bit of a break, so you have two weeks to decide.  Picks for the Memorial Day weekend classic will be due Thursday, May 24, at 10 p.m. ET.



With next weekend being NASCAR's time to just go for broke and go after a $1 million pay day, it will be a special edition of the Fan Vs. Fan Victory Pool.  See the email that will be sent to you later tonight.  It is an OPTIONAL piece, and you are not penalized if you miss the deadline.

The All-Star Race is just for fun, so that's what the point of the special edition will be all about.