The second day in Las Vegas for Monster Jam turned out to be a big day of on-track activity.  It was all about testing and practicing as it was the first official day that the competitors got a chance to hit the fastest track Monster Jam has to offer.

It was also the day that the 12 competitors in the Young Guns Shootout would qualify for their positions in Friday night's competition.

There would be a total of eight qualifying passes allowed for the 12 drivers, with a minimum of two having to be run, as each needed to make one pass in each lane in order to record a time.  After all the qualifying passes were done, whatever pass each driver had that yielded the fastest time would be their official time for use in the bracket.

In the end, a familiar face in the Shootout would top the charts.

Donald Epidendio, who one year ago competed in the Young Guns Shootout, would earn the top qualifying spot with a time of 17.107 seconds.  Despite some trucks running faster times in early practices, including Taryn Laskey running a sub-17 second run, the official times when qualifying started had Epidendio leading the pack.

Second-fastest qualifier was Steven Simms in his Hooked Cadillac, with a time of 17.247 seconds.  However, there is a lot of work to be done.

On the final qualifying pass Simms ran, he got slightly off-course near the finish line.  This year's course has a longer finish line jump, one that is elevated and has a sloping finish, which is similar to the jumps that were used in MetLife Stadium last summer.

The landing area is built in conjunction to the freestyle obstacles on both sides of the track, and that created problems for many trucks, but none more than Simms.  He got sidewayson the landing and plowed straight into the side of the freestyle stack.  The truck took major damage, including a flat tire and broken steering parts.

It wasn't just the Shootout competitors that had issues, as during the practice sessions for the main event, many trucks had issues.

Charlie Pauken took Monster Mutt for a roll, Nicole Johnson got Scooby Doo in a bad spot, Scott Buetow nearly put the Team Hot Wheels Firestorm machine on it's side, and Pablo Huffaker nearly put Blue Thunder over in the corner.

Luckily for many teams, no body damage was sustained for the most part as teams ran either no body panels or just the nose piece.

One other added addition to the first day of on-track activities is that trucks that are in Vegas just for display got the opportunity to go down the track.  The trucks included in the free test session included Kelvin Ramer in Time Flies and Mike Harper's Outlaw.

Thursday is the final day of practice for the World Finals competitors before they go qualifying on Friday night.  Friday night's qualifying session during the Double Down will include one practice run, and then two qualifying passes, one in each lane.

Just like the Shootout competitors, the best of their two times will seed them in Saturday night's big show.

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