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There has always been something about ending a streak of victories that means something.  Look at how the New York Giants felt in Super Bowl XLII when they prevented a perfect season by the New England Patriots.  It was a momentous occasion, one that certainly has never been forgotten.

Although that kind of recognition wasn't the same by Derick Anson a day ago at the 4-Wheel Jamboree in Springfield, Missouri, but there is no way anyone can take away the fact that he was the driver that ended the win streak of Mark Hall in the Raminator.

After 20-straight round victories, five overall wins on the 4-Wheel Jamboree circuit, Anson ended the streak in the second round of Saturday's evening festivities.  He would go on and win the event, taking the final round over Bobby Holman in the Lucas Oil Stabilizer.

Heading into Sunday, Anson was already on a roll, knowing he was now among the elite drivers on the circuit, and was hungry for yet another victory.

Hall, meanwhile, was ready to get back to victory lane and start his streak once again.

But, not wanting to get off the high that he experienced one day ago, Anson was once again on a tear, going round-by-round through the field on his way to the finals.  When he got there, no one was standing in his way, as for the second straight time, Anson powered his Heavy Hitter Chevrolet back into the winner's circle.  The fans in attendance saw that this young gun is one to watch as the year progresses.

When freestyle came about, in an ironic case of deja vu, the Sunday winner was the same as Saturday night.

Kyle Doyle was again behind the wheel of the Firestone-sponsored Bigfoot #14, and just like the night before put the desert-race bodied machine through it's paces.  After taking over #14 a year ago, he's become quite accustomed to the truck and has no issues letting it hang out and catch a lot of hang time.

When all was said and done, Doyle once again was declared the winner of freestyle by the fans, his second straight of the weekend and yet another victory by the Bigfoot team on the season.

In less than three weeks, the 4-Wheel Jamboree tour will make it's next appearance, at one of the most popular and most historic events held every year.

From July 12-14, the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, a college town right in the heart of the Allegany Mountains, will be the destination for not just the monster trucks, but every 4x4 enthusiast in the northeast.  The A&A Auto Stores 4-Wheel Jamboree will be the spot for all truck fans.  Over 50,000 fans and over 3,200 custom 4x4 machines are expected for the show-n-shine contest, along with six classes of mud racing, tough trucks, and even a burnout contest.

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AUTHOR NOTE:  Just like one year ago, will be in attendance for all three days of the A&A Auto Stores 4-Wheel Jamboree in Bloomsburg, PA.

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